The places in which the Campisi company operates are places where the landscape, art and culture come together to give life to a set of traditions that have been followed for thousands of years forming a unique landscape and a rare beauty . The sea, the countryside and the people who live in these places, described the typical characteristics, being delighted by the colors of the lights, the tastes and the landscapes of these regions is very simple.


The Campisi family business was founded in 1854 in Marzamemi (SR), in a small village steeped in traditions linked to the processing of fish. Linked to the sea for more than a century, Salvatore Campisi produces and processes a wide range of fish products from bluefin tuna, swordfish, amberjack, the precious bottarga (roe deer), mosciame (ham tuna) to the transformation of the catch into pestos and pâtés. The use of ancient techniques from the Arab period, refined over time in the small village of Marzamemi, the drying and aging of tuna products in a favorable climate, have made Salvatore Campisi worthy of being considered one of the last connoisseurs of near-disappearing traditions, deserving of protection and recognition. Campisi says: "Our goal is to constantly research products that have created the history of our country.