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The first crops of Pomodoro di Pachino IGP date back to 1925 and were located along the coastal strip, in companies that could have water for irrigation from underground wells. From the 1950s, there was a wide distribution of tomatoes which has continued to the present day, notably due to the advent of the first greenhouses, in the form of artisanal huts, and the deep crisis which affected the viticulture of these regions over the years. This led to the birth of the first associative forms which began to market the product on the national and foreign markets. The Pachino PGI tomato is a vegetable of the species Lycopersicum scluletum Miller, divided into four types: Tondo Liscio (bunch or single fruit), Costoluto, Plum and Miniplum, Cherry (or Ciliegino).

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Pachino IGP Campisi tomato sauce is prepared with fresh ripe passata cherry tomatoes according to the recipe of Sicilian cuisine. A unique, simple and practical tomato sauce ready to use. It can be used as a base for meat or fish sauces or alone with pasta. Pachino IGP Campisi tomato sauce is known for its characteristic "cherry" appearance on a bunch. The intense color, the clarity and the shine of the skin make it a unique product that differs from mass market products. The sauces contain significant amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. The flavor of the pulp, as well as its consistency, are certainly the main quality that has decreed the success of the company.

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Libera Terra ("Freed Land") was created with the aim of developing magnificent but historically "difficult" territories. After a social and productive rehabilitation of the liberated assets of the various mafia groups, the organization aims to obtain high quality products, respectful both of the environment and of the dignity of its workers. But Libera Terra also plays an active role by involving other producers, who share the same principles, and by promoting organic farming more generally. The mission of the Libera Terra project is to give dignity to territories with a strong mafia presence through the creation of autonomous and self-sufficient cooperative farms, stable and capable of creating workplaces, thus establishing a moral economic system based on legality , social justice and the market.

Pastificio Maiella produit également des sauces artisanales depuis 1946. L'entreprise est située à Pretoro, au cœur du parc national de la Majella, où l'air est sain. 

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