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Among many varieties of cold cuts, Italian's products are the most popular among Canadians. Simeoni Inc. has focused primarily on the selection of each producer and specialist in its category. Quality first and foremost.


Founded in 1886, Villani has remained firmly in the hands of the same family throughout its centenary history. Today, the company continues to preserve the age-old art of maturing meat through its exceptionally flavored and beautifully presented products, with quality assured by the guarantees and controls of modern technology.


Gambassi salumi is the perfect balance between flavors from the past and knowledge of the present. The Gambassi family has a long butchering tradition passed down from father to son: art, passion and old secrets live in high quality "Terra di Siena", salumi products that bring the flavors of the past to life. In the late 1800s, Lorenzo Nidiaci, great-grandfather of Giulio Gambassi, opened the first store in the historic center of Poggibonsi.


The Devodier family has a long local tradition and has always settled in this unique territory, capable of producing some of the best Italian food products. They have always devoted themselves to the selection of the best meats; in fact, they already won awards related to their activity at the end of the 19th century. Then, in the middle of the last century, Enrico Devodier, eager to start the activity of maturing and cooking ham, identified a particular place where it was said that there was a tavern with a witch's meat cellar (during the preservation and hardening process) has become the most delicious and fragrant in the area.


The "Larderia Fausto Guadagni Colonnata" is in the families of the colonnade quarries, the pools were passed down from father to son and with their traditions and secrets.


The Bordoni charcuterie was born in 1964 as a small family business. The years go by, the business grows, but there is one thing that never changed: the desire to remain faithful and to perpetuate its traditions with passion. And so, over time, the family grows: from grandfather to father and uncle, from children to cousins, to employees and to the sales network. And this is how the Bordoni company begins to explore emerging markets, to introduce Made in Italy in more and more distant places and to discover the unique and inimitable taste of its bresaola. The company has its roots in the Valtellina region, but the eyes are on the world. Salumificio Bordoni skillfully combines its artisanal origin, based on the ancient recipe, with the most advanced processing factories: the result is a high quality product, personalized in the ingredients and in the packaging to guarantee respect for different religious beliefs and cultural.